A weight problem

A weight problem

Four people enter an elevator that can carry a maximum of 380 Kg. So that the alarm that would stop the elevator from overloading does not sound, we must calculate the total weight of the four people. We have the following data:

  • Paul is the one who weighs more than the four, if each of the others weighs as much as Paul, the alarm would sound.
  • Sergio is the thinnest; The elevator could go up to five like him.
  • Dani weighs 14 kg less than Pablo and 6 less than Hector.
  • Héctor weighs 17 kg more than Sergio.
  • The weights of Pablo and Sergio are multiples of 5.


We know that Pablo must weigh more than 95 Kg and that it must be a multiple number of 5, Sergio cannot weigh more than 76 Kg and must also be a multiple of 5, therefore:
Pablo weighs 100 kg, Sergio 75, Dani 86 and Héctor 92.